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Welcome To my Webpage!

 I don't know how you found it but welcome!

Who Am I?

SO, you're looking for information about me, huh? Well, other than pretending to be an anthropomorphic wolf online, I'm just your typical guy trying to find his way though life. I'm involved with all sorts of activities ranging from electronic hobbies all the way to camping outdoors when the time permits. In addition to that I take pictures & videos of all the various things I like to do, be it hobbies, vacations, cool work projects, or anything!  If it's interesting enough I usually post the stuff in my journal though most the time its a "live feed" from either Twitter or Vine. I do this so in the years to come I can go back and reminisce of the "good `ol days" (or in some cases, the "not so -good `ol days")

Ten short little sentences about me

1... I have Many different hobbies, most of which revolve around electronics and high power lasers.

2... I like working on, rebuilding, and tweaking engines. *has an unhealthy addiction to gas turbines*

3... I'm currently employed at a global medical device company as a V&V specialist and also freelance for a laser production company as their "lead technician"

4... I don't like drama and do my best to avoid it. In my opinion, trash talk is counter productive and I don't waste my time in such nonsense.

5... I'm thoughtful, considerate of others, and even overly empathetic, but I'm not weak.

6... While driving I typically like to go faster then the flow of traffic!

7... I own a "mid sized" pro-sound company. (I can handle productions up to 10,000 people via line array configuration) -I generally call the sound business my "expensive hobby" as I don't make a living off of it and as soon as I *DO* make money I spend it all on more sound gear *doh!* -I am also staff at at @FurryMigration running Mainstage.

8... I *love* Pumpkin pie.

9... I'm straight, single, and not really looking at the moment. I figure if I meet someone special in daily life that would be pretty cool. But if it doesn't happen I'm fairly content were I'm at in life, thus far. I absolutely love to make new friends though!

10.. I'm best described as "on the outskirts" of the furry fandom. -No this does NOT involve having sex with animals or involve sex at all for that matter... Please read: THIS if you truly want to know what *MY* stance on the furry fandom is.

If you've gotten a comment from me, and have no idea who I am, it probably means I didn't have anything to do at the moment, and was surfing the net for something cool going on... I'm not "Koo Koo for Coco puffs" or anything like that... It just means you sparked my interest ;-)

If you’re even remotely interested in knowing me better just go ahead and add me on Twitter, FA, Vine, Livejournal, Youtube,  etc..


"One is more likely to come upon the tracks of a wolf than to come upon the wolf who made them"


"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow"



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