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A little bit about me and my alter egos:

 In short I suppose you could say that I've always been somewhat on the outskirts of the furry fandom. I've been a "fursuiter" for a number of years now and I think its a blast walking around in character greeting people, being goofy, and making people generally feel good. -If that's crazy and weird then I guess I'm guilty as charged! It really helps break up the normality's of life, both for myself and other people who happen to run across me while in costume. At this point I should say that I'm not one of those people you hear about on the internet that has sex in costumes or has sex with animals. If you click on the "What's a furry?" link on the left menu bar, or the bottom bar of my website that will give all the information you need as to what my stance and participation level is within the fandom. 

I'm usually always on the on the move for either work or personal projects. Generally speaking I don't much care for sitting around all that much (though I love downtime after a busy week!) Typically if I find myself with nothing to do I'll find something to do. This can involve anything from building and designing laser projectors to working on  and editing video for various projects. While out on the town with friends I sometimes casually drink, but never abusively. I always like to be in control of myself. Its also noteworthy to mention that I don't much care for cigarette smoke and *HATE* the smell of lit cigars. I can smell that stuff a mile away..

I'm single and my sexual orientation is straight. Relationship wise, I'm not really activly looking but at the same time If I was to find that special someone, that would be quite cool :) (I'd be interested in a long-term type relationship) Typically I'm fairly open to people about most things in my life and have nothing to hide but at the same time I rareley talk to anyone about personal problems and tend to deal with most stuff on my own. However, when I do need the help of close friends I seek them out. I'd consider myself a giver more than a taker. I would much rather buy or give someone something than to receive something. All I really want from friends and family is friendship and companionship. Spending time with people I care about is paramount to me.

I'll close by saying if you made it this far I must be more interesting than I thought I was, Please consider signing my guestbook so I know someone actually reads random stuff on here :P  *chuckles*



Alter Ego's (AKA Fursona's):


Above artwork drawn by DerekPaws.
=>May you Rest in Peace<=

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