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Ref Sheet Page for Wulfsige:

(click to enlarge ref sheet)

NAME: Wulfsige (pronounced "Wolf SIG")
Gender: Male.
Origin: English
Meaning of name: "Victorious wolf"


Basic Written Profile:

Wulfsige is a male wolf with a "small dab" of Siberian husky in his bloodline. He sports blue eyes and a relaxed easy going style.

Wulfsige stands plantigrade, six foot tall from feet to ears.

Coloring is mostly grey, with some white fur.  Distinctive colorings include white fur on his toes (all eight of them), finger TIPS (DISTAL PHALANGES, all ten of them), tummy, chest, neck, bottom half of his muzzle, cheeks, and the insides of his ears. His ears are ever so lightly a darker color of grey, though barely noticable. (very slight change in color)

Clothing includes lose jeans, a black and purple Furfright Jersey OR various types of "hoodies". Accessories are often left optional and up to the artists discretion (unless specifically requested) They include: a blue collar, sun glasses, baseball hat. In any order or combination.

He's usually always bearpawed, however he ocassionaly is depicted as wearing Osiris D3 skate shoes (in this style) when drawn casual.

His general expression is keen, but friendly; interested and even mischievous at times.  He has an extremely laid back disposition.


White finger Tips (Distal Phalanges):

Wulfsige's distal phalanges are white in color with the rest of the paw gray in color.

Relevant Clothing Pictures:



(Not always worn, optional for style/fashon only)

Wulfsige's collar Wulfsige's collar

(Loose jeans preferred)

Wulfsige's Jeans

(tongue usually tucked in, can be popped out too)

Wulfsige Shoes

Wulfsige Shoes Wulfsige Shoes
Wulfsige Shoes Wulfsige Shoes

Wulfsige's Clothing Style as drawn by Kayla/Xainy:
(Style can vary. example; More urban/rough, or more sport/clean cut)




Wulfsige Suit Pictures:

(muzzle looks black in photo, but its gray)



Wulfsige in clothing



Sara Palin try's to shoot!  --I barely escaped!



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