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-=This place is under HEAVY construction=-

Teekon is a fairly new family member so its going to take time to
get this area up to par.

Ref Sheet Page for Teekon:

(click to enlarge ref sheet)

NAME: Teekon (pronounced "Tea-CON")
Gender: Male.
Origin: Athabascan
Meaning of name: "Wolf"

Basic Written Profile for Teekon:

Teekon is a full blooded male wolf. He has yellow, excited and friendly looking eyes. His demeanor is that of "Moon Moon" and is basically a complete goofball. He can also be somewhat of a prankster at times.

Teekon stands plantigrade, six foot tall from hind paws to ears.

Coloring is mostly brown, with some white fur.  Distinctive colorings include white fur on his tummy, chest, neck, bottom half of his muzzle, cheeks, and the insides of his ears. He has a dark brown goatee on his chin and head fluff that runs from the base of his neck to the top of his head.  

When wearing clothing he wears lose jeans, and a orange #6 jersey with paws on the shoulders. Accessories sometimes include: a pineapple, a baseball hat, or sun glasses. He prefers to be bearpawed, however, depending on special situations he sometimes depicted as wearing Osiris D3 Skate shoes (in this style) while wearing jeans. He is usually not seen without having or wearing somthing orange. Orange is his favorite color. (as can be seen by his Jersey and shoe style(s) 

His general expression is derpy, but friendly.

Teekon's Suit Pictures:







(Loose jeans preferred)

Teekon's Jeans

(tongue usually tucked in, can be popped out too)

Teekon's Shoes

Teekon's Shoes Teekon's Shoes
Teekon's Shoes Teekon's Shoes


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