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Have you ever wanted to display your artwork on your vehicle's window (or any other flat surface) without paying out the snout to have it printed up commercially?  If you said HELL YES, well your in the right place!


First thing first... Your artwork should have clean lines. Secondly, if you didn't draw it yourself you should take the initiative to ask the artist who did draw it for permission to turn it into a vinyl graphic. -Even if its a piece you had commissioned from an artist you should still contact them and ask as a courtesy. Its the right thing to do. Once that is all done, feel free to contact me about the graphic!  I'll take a quick look and let you know if I think it will transfer to vinyl.  At this point there are two options. 1)... You, or someone you know can vectorize it yourself via Adobe Illustrator  2)... You can have me vectorize it.  If I vectorize it there will be an additional fee as vectorizing is somewhat time consuming. I will also need half payment to lock in my time and show that your serious. Price will very depending on complexity of the graphic. In most (if not all) cases it won't cost more than $10 USD.  If you vectorize the graphic I'll tweak whatever needs tweaking to make it cut properly for no fee (unless something is terribly wrong at which point I'll email you and tell you what's wrong)  After that process is completed I will run a "PLOT" with pen ink on a normal 11x17 inch piece of paper as a proof for your review. (I will take a high-res picture of it and send it to you via email) After you confirm its to your liking I will proceed to cut it out. (Final payment is required at this point)

What am I  willing to cut? Well, as long as its not illegal I generally don't much care =) Just use your own judgment as to where you put the graphic. I can not and will not be held responsible for anything that may arise from what you do. This includes (but not limited) to tickets for blocking you window, tickets for indecency, accidents caused by blocked windows, etc, etc, etc... 


I have quite a collection of stock graphics available that I'm licensed to print.  Stock graphics are typically cheaper in price as their tried and true, ready to cut. On top of that I've already taken the time to insert extra  "weeding" lines  which helps me weed out the extra vinyl. This saves me a TON of labor which in turn saves you money. =)  

I'm currently in the process of making a page where you will be able to view all stock graphics. I only have two online at the moment (Tribal Animals and Ultimate Flames) please bear with me and check back soon for more awesome graphics!

  3. ULTIMATE flames  (ONLINE)


Yes, I have been known to do trades =3  -Just ask!

Custom vinyl 7" and under $10 USD
Custom vinyl 8" - 14" $13 USD
Custom vinyl 15" - 20" $16 USD
Custom vinyl 19"- 24" $19 USD
Stock graphic vinyl 7" and under $5 USD
Stock graphic vinyl 8"- 14" $8 USD
Stock graphic vinyl 15"-20" $12 USD
Stock graphic vinyl 19"- 24" $15 USD
Vectorize simple ---- $6 USD
Vectorize medium ---- $8 USD
Vectorize hard ---- $10 USD

* Please note that the grid above is a guide only. Prices are subject to change on all custom vinyl's due to complexity. Contact me for a locked in quote =)  Additionally Stock Graphics could very well be even cheaper than quoted above!


   Stock graphic Installed on a 32" satellite dish ($2.99 5" cut)


Stock graphic on a guitar hero guitar ($1.50)            


        Stock Graphics ($9.99 15" cut)


Another stock graphic, at $2.99 for a 7" cut      



This is my custom vinyl on the back window of my truck..
Artwork copyright Ravenhowl


Are you an artist who would like to offer custom vinyl graphics to your customers? Be sure to check out my subsidized service page for quantity discounts, drop shipping and other additional benefits!


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